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January 31, 2019

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June 4, 2018

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Life in Color.

June 4, 2018

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Life in Color.



Hello!! Welcome to our community!! We are so excited to launch The Simple Sprout, and bring you weekly blog posts filled with our journey, simple stories, simple tips&tricks, simple ways to alter your lifestyle for growth and longevity, relatable realities, and research we have found to fight the misconception of diet fads. 


Today I want to display the pathway I have tread to find the acceptance of who I am, in relation to what I eat. One thing is certain: it does not happen overnight. You will not change your habits overnight. But what can happen overnight is an epiphany, an aha moment, a clarity you have been seeking. We hope that as you become a part of this beautiful way of eating that these experiences will become more common, and that you’ll tap into this connection with self that includes forgiveness, courage, creativity, and love. 

Color has always caught my attention. Often it causes a pause; a break in whatever else is going on where I almost gasp and my immediate reaction is glancing around to see who I can share this phenomenon with. ... I know, what an over exaggeration to describe something that is probably so simple. But that’s just it!! Those simple things ARE what sheds light for me. The simple things are usually the most miraculous. Like avocado spread over a freshly toasted piece of sourdough and topped with onion sprouts & hemp seed. Can you say life changing?! The texture of the crunch mixed with the creamy, the smell of the onion, the nutty addition from the seeds, and I’ll even go way out on a limb sometimes and sprinkle pink Himalayan salt on top for an extra taste bud kick. 

By this point I’ve either caused you to roll your eyes, or I’ve gotten your taste buds and imagination to come alive!! But either way I’ve caught your attention! With the way social media mass produces information & the latest trends it has become so easy for us to keep our eyes down, our time consumed, and the opportunity to SEE so clouded. I am ELATED to be able to produce this blog for y’all to be inspired and find new motivations...but also because it is forcing me to write again, to open up a side of me I have missed-becoming more vulnerable, and watering and GROWING my own sprout!

A Plant based way of eating is simple!! From the sidelines, it is easily misconstrued and made to seem extreme and maybe sometimes ‘not so balanced’. I have to say from experience I feel more balanced and free from anxiety over food choices-I will always adopt this practice. Some days it’s an 80/20 and some days it’s 99/1. The food freedom doesn’t come from a perfect lifestyle, nor does it come from eating grass and raw veggies all day long (though if that’s all there was, I’d be a happy girl!) Loving where I am in this thing we call life, and having a desire to continue to push myself, grow my family, teach and learn EVERY SINGLE DAY, is the product of changing my mindset to longevity and purpose: finding a love of all things minimal and simple. I hope I can enlighten my kids, my friends and family, even new strangers, that COLOR is the answer. Tart reds, sour yellows, bland or bitter greens, sweet oranges, salty greens, juicy purples and deep blues, crunchy white, nutty browns....the creations are endless and the rainbow is meant to be eaten, explored, and enjoyed. 

For me, knowing I have options and the ability to create in a way that leaves me feeling GOOD [for me this translates to a LACK of bloat, heartburn, eczema, and never feeling full or satisfied after a meal] has been the answer to an eating disorder and anxiety that often left me dizzy and confused. 

My journey is not perfect-especially if you know my living situation. My husband does not share the same excitement I have found around plant based eating, and the last year and a half has been a constant opportunity to educate my family as we gather for dinner or celebrations. It has been a blessing to watch my children adopt a love for trying new things, and be a part of them finding their favorite fruits and vegetables they could eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. I won’t always have the answers, but I find comfort in their curiosity. They love making smoothies and coming up with what goes in the blender! (I have yet to hear them say chocolate or cereal...but I would never turn down their experimental brain! ....okay unless they said Cheetos. I may draw the line their!! Haha)

I hope this post has opened your mind a little bit to the questions. To the ‘what ifs’. And to what COULD take even just a 1 degree shift left or right toward creating longevity for you and your family.

Maybe it’s just the ability to ‘stop and smell the roses’; to slow down somewhere in your day and take a deep inhale. If even just that, I will have done my job being here. But it won’t stop here!! We will be here weekly with a new tidbit or thought provoking post. Chances are we have been there; chances are we can relate to something you’re struggling with. Don’t do it alone. 

Can you find a place in your life to add a little bit more color? One SIMPLE small step at a time.



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