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January 31, 2019

January 1, 2019

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June 4, 2018

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Life in Color.

June 4, 2018

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The Year of the Vegan

Forbes magazine is just one of many major news outlets declaring this the year for Veganism to become more mainstream. As January comes to a close, so does Veganuary, but it does not mean that the desire or push for more Whole Foods in our lifestyles should slow down or take halt. 




The Simple Sprout celebrated the coming of the new year, and excitement toward more awareness toward plant based living by making a Toast at our Winter Green Gala. The whole night was a hit, and quite magical to witness complete strangers coming together either to support or have an open mind to bettering our health and the health of others. We feel the Standard American Diet in America has taken big strides toward offering cleaner options: in restaurants, local grocers, airports, and even a rise in farmers markets becoming more available.


Our goal with the Green Gala was not just to educate our community of the harm in continuing to follow the S.A.D, but to offer a new excitement and interest in adding whole foods into our day. Laura coined it perfectly by stating, "You provide the base, we'll provide the toppings". The Simple Sprout is striving to make it easier for you to prepare quick meals for yourself and your family; meals that have color, taste, and creativity in just 6 ingredients or less!



What many are not aware of when choosing a cleaner way of eating are food labels. So much of the food industry lies to the consumer because they can get away with printing close to whatever they want on the packaging. It can be deceiving and detrimental to our health in the long run. The Simple Sprout encourages a whole food plant based way of eating, in essence where you shop the outskirts of a grocery store, and stick to the refrigerated and produce sections. It's simple to keep it colorful that way!



We were blessed to have two fantastic Plant Based influencers present at the Gala: Marzia Prince, of The Plant Chics and Brandy Wilson, of the Self Love Challenge. We watched the audience with wonder; they were captivated by these women's honesty, pure desire to create positive change, and willingness to impact with vulnerability.


Marzia spoke about the difference between being Vegan & Plant based, reminding us to use caution with just replacing our Standard American Diet with a Vegan S.A.D! She encouraged a focus toward a more Whole Food Plant based way of eating as it can be a cure for many common diseases. The ONLY diet proven to reverse heart disease has been a plant-based diet! Quit the fad diets, and turn toward a lifestyle change! She educated us of the power of self healing our bodies through food!



Brandy empowered everyone to accept, believe in, and love themselves more this year. We were challenged to take action despite fear and get out of our comfort zones, to follow our happiness and to make ourselves a priority, not an OPTION. To summarize her presentation with one word, Brandy encouraged us to "FLY": First Love Yourself.



So what's next? The Simple Sprout continues to sell our unique nut butters & fruit spreads online at, and our beautiful creative cook, Laura, has more than a few new recipes up her sleeve. We can't wait to launch our wellness line to include Sun Butter with added Turmeric, organic teas, and Elderberry Syrup! Our mission is to provide you with confidence to live your best life, one full of energy, and one that will be long lasting; endured in the most simple yet exotic way!





Will you make the change toward a healthier you?


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